LT. Keith "Bubba" Hess Memorial Page

LT. Keith Hess was killed Monday, January 20, 2003 when he was trapped beneath falling debris during a house fire in the Huntingdon County village of Blairs Mills on Franklin County Box 12-14. LT. Hess responded to the fire as a paid firefighter-emergency medical technician with Fannett-Metal Fire and Ambulance Company Franklin County Company 12 who was first due on the box. Firefighters from Franklin, Cumberland and Huntingdon counties were called to Blairs Mills about 10 miles northeast of Spring Run, around 3 p.m. Eleven fire companies including the West End Fire & Rescue Company, were called to the fire, which was extinguished by 7:30 p.m.

LT. Hess joined West End Fire and Rescue in Shippensburg at age 14, he was WEFR's Rookie of the Year in 1997 and Firefighter of the Year in 2000.

Full Departmental Honors and Funeral Services were held at 2:30 P.M., Saturday, Janauary 25, 2003, at the Shippensburg Senior High School. After the service, a procession of firefighting equipment moved east on West King Street to Lurgan Avenue, where it passed West End's station and through an arch formed by ladder trucks from Cumberland Valley Hose Company, Cumberland County 53 and Chambersburg Fire Department, Franklin County Company 1.

The procession then entered the cemetery from Roxbury Road through another arch formed by ladder trucks from Franklins, Franklin County, Station 4 and Mount Holly Springs Cumberland County Company 36.

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Keith's Final Resting Place January 20, 2004

This was posted at another site and I would like to thank "Brooklyn" for posting it.

I found the following while I was writing a paper for one of my Fire Science classes. It was a paper on the deaths of FDNY LT Cavalieri, and FR's Bopp and Bohan. One of their Brothers, FR Steven Mormino (L-170), wrote the following poem. I couldn't have said it any better. I wish to dedicate it in loving memory of our fallen Brother, Keith Hess. Rest in ever loving peace, Bubba. I miss you.

It's Been a Year
Hello my brothers, it's been a year
Seems like yesterday, you were still here
We've tried to move on, we tried to be tough
Going to fires and all of that stuff
There isn't a day we don't think of you
Forever in our hearts, you'll always be true
We lost some more brothers, I'm sure you know
We re-lived the pain when you had to go
A year went by, so quick it was
Life goes on, as it always does
We hold your memory so dear to us
Remembering your smile is always a must
We lend our support to your family's we try
It's so hard to see them and not start to cry
They are so strong, amazing it is
the Moms and Dads, the Wives and Kids
We know your still with us, deep down inside
when the alarm bell goes off, the pole we still slide
Our Guardian Angels, forever you'll be
As we protect our neighbors lives and property